Raviola Named PopTech 2012 Science Fellow

PopTech recently announced that Giuseppe Raviola, MD, Instructor in Psychiatry and in Global Health and Social Medicine, is a 2012 Science Fellow. The fellowship is a leadership development opportunity designed to help high potential working scientists become more effective communicators, collaborators, and leaders both within and beyond the traditional bounds of academia. Dr. Raviola joins the third class of PopTech fellows—innovators in diverse fields who are brought together for creative collaboration that might expand the possibilities imagined among professional peers alone. PopTech seeks to complement the existing “silos of excellence” through these annual fellowships, conferences, and labs. Dr. Raviola was selected for his efforts to integrate mental health services into global health care efforts.

PopTech Fellows undergo a weekend training program then participate in a conference which brings together a global network of cutting-edge leaders, thinkers and doers from many different disciplines. Fellows receive prominent placement at the event, to be held in mid-October this year, including press interviews and collaborative sessions with members of the PopTech network that can help them to amplify the impact of their scientific research and professional profile.

PopTech describes their broader goal: to develop a corps of visible and trusted scientific leaders who can provide leadership, explore new collaborative approaches and engage with the public on a variety of issues of critical importance to the nation and the planet. In so doing, we hope to bolster the role of science in the public sphere, to improve the public’s literacy and embrace of science, to create new scientific role models for young people, and to create new, multidisciplinary collaboration opportunities for working scientists. Further information is available at the PopTech web site.