The Center for Bioethics faculty members conduct empirical and normative research on ethical issues in the practice of medicine. Sample research subjects include end-of-life care, organ transplantation, allocation of resources, and informed consent.

The Center's activities include post-doctoral training, faculty seminars, and public events. Complete information is available at the following web site: The Center of Bioethics

Robert D. Truog, Professor of Medical Ethics & Anaesthesia (Pediatrics), is acting director of the Center for Bioethics. Mildred Solomon, Clinical Professor of Anaesthesia, directs the Center for Bioethics Fellowship Program.

Medical Ethics Faculty in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine:

The Center of Bioethics faculty also founded the Harvard University Program on Ethics and Health, which continues to sponsor an annual conference. For more information, see The Harvard University Program on Ethics and Health (PEH).