I have an interest in global health and policy, so the Media and Medicine course equipped me with the knowledge and skills to tell compelling personal and public health stories through a “solutions journalism” lens.  I became a better listener, content creator and writer, while building relationships with classmates from around the world.

— Vivian Birchall, television host and producer

As a mid-career primary care physician with a background in global health and narrative medicine, Harvard's Media & Medicine program provided collaboration, mentorship, and inspiration from leaders in the field of storytelling and medicine, offering a unique exploration of how best to harness narrative to counter misinformation and inform the public about important health care issues. I was encouraged to develop my own interests in writing op-eds, essays, and poems, but also learned about previously unexplored methods like podcasts and playwriting. I came away with a renewed passion for the importance of illness narratives, inspired by my worldwide and world-class cohort. Innovation and effective communication skills are necessary now more than ever, and the Media & Medicine program equips health care professionals with the training and community to address urgent public health issues.

— Mary Pan, family medicine physician and writer

I loved the Media and Medicine program, because it genuinely created and introduced me into a community of like-minded yet diverse writers, artists, podcasters, and advocates, which thrived even in a pandemic. Not only did the lectures, engagement, and project push me to learn and challenge myself, I gained friends, mentors, and inspiration.

— Jules Lipoff, dermatologist and writer

I've been lucky enough to write popular books, co-host a Lifetime TV show and do thousands of interviews. But the HMS program gave me something that my media experience had not—a peer group of sorts. My classmates are so talented, so diverse and such passionate story-tellers that I feel truly fortunate even to have met them and have them as colleagues in medicine and media now and in the future.

— John La Puma, wellness and nutrition expert, author, and television host.