Daughter's Diary
Outlook India. 2021-05-24
Mallika Sekhar
Decorative Photo of mobile phone, rocking chair, and virusA doctor in London. She's also a daughter, with her parents in Chennai. Corona has come home, but home is far away ... Ruminations from the edge, on the intimate and the universal.



When the Treatment for COVID-19 Harms Patients...
The Wire. 2021-05-24
Mallika SekharPhoto of Rx blister packsA new clinical event underlines the need for robust national guidelines to treat COVID-19. Mucormycosis, colloquially called "black fungus," is a severe fungal infection that has affected many COVID-19 patients in India. How should we view the origin of this problem?



Debate: When It Comes to COVID Vaccines, All Governments Are Answerable to Humanity
The Wire. 2021-05-12
Mallika SekharPhoto of empty AstraZeneca vaccine vialsShould national leaders attend to their own citizens before helping others with the COVID vaccine distribution? In this option piece, Mallika attempts to address important facts as it relates to India.



Children's aid societies recommend parents designate an emergency caregiver in case they are hospitalized with COVID-19
Toronto Star. 2021-05-05
Michelle Ward

Decorative photo of man entering a COVID-19 facilityIn Ontario, Canada, since the start of the pandemic, children’s aid societies have been worried about the problem of having no identified caregiver for children whose parents are unexpectedly hospitalized with COVID-19. The issue was discussed last week by a task force consisting of Ontario children’s aid societies, child well-being agencies and government officials.



Fear of vaccines grows with the need for medical ethics
KevinMD. 2021-04-20
Mallika Sekhar, Lisa Hardy, Kevin Gillman

Decorative Photo of a VaccineThe question is one of medical ethics both for the public good and for individuals. Both have consequences for fear and trust and when it comes to vaccine programs, both matter.



Opinion: Asian Americans are on the periphery of mainstream American culture. That has to change. Here’s why.
San Diego Union-Tribune. 2021-03-29
Matthew V. Maceda

Decorative image of Asian-America SupportsDespite being a growing portion of the total U.S. population, Asian Americans are often viewed along the periphery of mainstream culture rather than as being integral. The current narratives of Asian Americans include more than that of first-generation immigrants adjusting to Western culture. Asian Americans are subconsciously viewed as exotic, and it is often forgotten that we have been here for decades.



Guest opinion: Dear Florida: Put star power in the public health playbook
News Press. 2021-03-31
Sandra Vamos

Decorative image of people on a beachLast year, Florida’s sandy beaches and bustling bars were open for business. So was the coronavirus. Looking back, the state’s refusal to shut down the party to bring in tourism dollars cost thousands of lives.



Migraines are more than just a headache
KevinMD. 2021-04-10
Tiffany ChennevilleDecorative image of a person with a migraineFor those of you who have ever suffered from this ailment, you will know I am talking about migraines. They call us “migrainers.” For those of you who have not, you might question how bad a headache could possibly be.