Caterina Hill
Caterina Hill, MSc
Lecturer on Global Health and Social Medicine

Caterina Hill is a public health epidemiologist who specializes in enabling organizations to evaluate and enhance their impact through quantitative and qualitative research.

In 2016, she joined Commonwealth Care Alliance, a pioneering Health Plan for people with complex needs in Massachusetts and is leading the organization's research and evaluation ventures. She is also Teaching Associate at Harvard Medical School and teaches medical students about Social Medicine and Global Health.

Prior to working at Commonwealth Care Alliance, Caterina focused on the role of mobile clinics in the US. She was Principal Investigator of “Public Health Quality and Mobile Clinics” (funded by AAMC-CDC Co-operative Agreement), as well as co-Investigator of the national Mobile Health Map project and Manager of Evaluation for the Family Van (a Harvard affiliated mobile clinic).

She has been awarded the Heart of our Mission award by the American Heart Association. She served on the National Advisory Committee for the Public Health Improvement Map (U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services).

She has expertise in health disparities, access, quality and health service delivery and advanced skills in epidemiological analysis, STATA, qualitative analysis, grounded analysis, NVIVO.


641 Huntington Avenue

Boston, MA 02115

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