Image of Cristiana Bastos
Cristiana Bastos, PhD, HAB
Visiting Scholar

Cristiana Bastos, PhD, HAB, is an anthropologist and  Research Professor at the Social Sciences Institute at the University of Lisbon in Portugal. Her research has addressed population dynamics, transnational mobility, colonial biopolitics, medicine and empire, epidemics (with work in Portugal, Brazil, India, Mozambique) and, more recently, plantation labor and racialization processes, in the context of the project The Colour of Labour - the Racialized lives of Migrants (European Research Council Advanced Grant - on Guyana, Hawaii, S Tome, New England, etc).  She will be in the U.S. as the FLAD-Saab Visiting Professor at the University of Massachusetts Lowell this spring teaching Diasporas and Epidemics in History, during which time she will also join the DGHSM as Visiting Scholar. Arthur Kleinman is hosting her visit.