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Eirini Karyotaki, PhD
Research Fellow in Global Health and Social Medicine (EXT), Harvard Medical School

Dr. Karyotaki is a postdoctoral research fellow focusing on examining individual patient differences in response to task-shifted psychological interventions for depression under prof. Vikram Patel. Overall, her goal is to understand the profiles of individual patients with depression and how these can be tailored to the best treatment options. During her Ph.D. trajectory, she specialized in conventional and individual patient data meta-analyses under prof. Pim Cuijpers. A central theme in Dr. Karyotaki’s work has been the great potential of new technological advances, such as Internet-based interventions, in treating adults with depression.
She has participated in several international projects, such as the E-Compared project, which aimed to examine the effects of blended e-health with face-to-face psychotherapy on major depression in primary care. Dr. Karyotaki has also worked for the development of treatment guidelines, such as the World Health Organization mental health gap program – IG Version 2 (2016). In the past three years, she was the coordinator of a large-scale university project on college students’ mental health in the Netherlands, namely the Caring Universities. This project involved epidemiological, effectiveness, and implementation research. 
Along with research, Dr. Karyotaki has been a lecturer in master’s degree courses on depression, systematic reviews, scientific presenting, and diagnostic interviewing in the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam. She has (co-) authored 48 peer-reviewed publications.

Symptom-specific effectiveness of an internet-based intervention in the treatment of mild to moderate depressive symptomatology: The potential of network estimation techniques.
Authors: Authors: Boschloo L, Cuijpers P, Karyotaki E, Berger T, Moritz S, Meyer B, Klein JP.
Behav Res Ther
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Diminishing Effects After Recurrent Use of Self-Guided Internet-Based Interventions in Depression: Randomized Controlled Trial.
Authors: Authors: Bücker L, Schnakenberg P, Karyotaki E, Moritz S, Westermann S.
J Med Internet Res
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Corrigendum to "Biological markers evaluated in randomized trials of psychological treatments for depression: A systematic review and meta-analysis" [Neurosci. Biobehav. Rev. 101 (2019) 32-44].
Authors: Authors: Cristea IA, Karyotaki E, Hollon SD, Cuijpers P, Gentili C.
Neurosci Biobehav Rev
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The effects of fifteen evidence-supported therapies for adult depression: A meta-analytic review.
Authors: Authors: Cuijpers P, Karyotaki E, de Wit L, Ebert DD.
Psychother Res
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Meta-analysis on the efficacy of psychological treatments for anorexia nervosa.
Authors: Authors: van den Berg E, Houtzager L, de Vos J, Daemen I, Katsaragaki G, Karyotaki E, Cuijpers P, Dekker J.
Eur Eat Disord Rev
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Effectiveness and Acceptability of Cognitive Behavior Therapy Delivery Formats in Adults With Depression: A Network Meta-analysis.
Authors: Authors: Cuijpers P, Noma H, Karyotaki E, Cipriani A, Furukawa TA.
JAMA Psychiatry
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Guided or self-guided internet-based cognitive-behavioural therapy (iCBT) for depression? Study protocol of an individual participant data network meta-analysis.
Authors: Authors: Karyotaki E, Furukawa TA, Efthimiou O, Riper H, Cuijpers P.
BMJ Open
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Increasing intentions to use mental health services among university students. Results of a pilot randomized controlled trial within the World Health Organization's World Mental Health International College Student Initiative.
Authors: Authors: Ebert DD, Franke M, Kählke F, Küchler AM, Bruffaerts R, Mortier P, Karyotaki E, Alonso J, Cuijpers P, Berking M, Auerbach RP, Kessler RC, Baumeister H.
Int J Methods Psychiatr Res
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Is psychotherapy effective? Pretending everything is fine will not help the field forward.
Authors: Authors: Cuijpers P, Karyotaki E, Reijnders M, Ebert DD.
Epidemiol Psychiatr Sci
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Introduction to the special issue: The WHO World Mental Health International College Student (WMH-ICS) initiative.
Authors: Authors: Cuijpers P, Auerbach RP, Benjet C, Bruffaerts R, Ebert D, Karyotaki E, Kessler RC.
Int J Methods Psychiatr Res
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