Agnes Binagwaho
Agnes Binagwaho, Ph.D., M.D.
Senior Lecturer on Global Health and Social Medicine

Professor Agnes Binagwaho is the Vice Chancellor of the University of Global Health Equity, an initiative of Partners In Health focused on changing the way health care is delivered around the world by training the next generation of global health professionals to deliver more equitable, quality health services for all. She is a Rwandan pediatrician who has served the health sector in various high-level government positions, first as the Executive Secretary of Rwanda's National AIDS Control Commission, then as Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, and then for five years as Minister of Health. She is a Senior Lecturer at Harvard and serves as Senior Advisor to the Director General of the World Health Organization and is a member of the United States National Academy of Medicine and a fellow of the African Academy of Sciences. With over 150 peer-reviewed publications, her research interests include health equity and human rights, implementation science, and improving care delivery systems.

Keeping governments accountable: the COVID-19 Assessment Scorecard (COVID-SCORE).
Authors: Authors: Lazarus JV, Binagwaho A, El-Mohandes AAE, Fielding JE, Larson HJ, Plasència A, Andriukaitis V, Ratzan SC.
Nat Med
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Rapid Investment in Nursing to Strengthen the Global COVID-19 Response.
Authors: Authors: Rosa WE, Binagwaho A, Catton H, Davis S, Farmer PE, Iro E, Karanja V, Khanyola J, Moreland PJ, Welch JC, Aiken LH.
Int J Nurs Stud
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Integrating implementation science into covid-19 response and recovery.
Authors: Authors: Hirschhorn L, Smith JD, Frisch MF, Binagwaho A.
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We Need Compassionate Leadership Management Based on Evidence to Defeat COVID-19.
Authors: Authors: Binagwaho A.
Int J Health Policy Manag
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Implementation Research: An Efficient and Effective Tool to Accelerate Universal Health Coverage.
Authors: Authors: Binagwaho A, Frisch MF, Udoh K, Drown L, Ntawukuriryayo JT, Nkurunziza D, Donahoe KB, Hirschhorn LR.
Int J Health Policy Manag
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Creating a pathway for public hospital accreditation in Rwanda: progress, challenges and lessons learned.
Authors: Authors: Binagwaho A, Scott KW, Dushime T, Uwaliraye P, Kamuhangire E, Akishuri D, Wanyana D, Eagan A, Kakana L, Atwine J.
Int J Qual Health Care
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Sustainable care for children with cancer: a Lancet Oncology Commission.
Authors: Authors: Atun R, Bhakta N, Denburg A, Frazier AL, Friedrich P, Gupta S, Lam CG, Ward ZJ, Yeh JM, Allemani C, Coleman MP, Di Carlo V, Loucaides E, Fitchett E, Girardi F, Horton SE, Bray F, Steliarova-Foucher E, Sullivan R, Aitken JF, Banavali S, Binagwaho A, Alcasabas P, Antillon F, Arora RS, Barr RD, Bouffet E, Challinor J, Fuentes-Alabi S, Gross T, Hagander L, Hoffman RI, Herrera C, Kutluk T, Marcus KJ, Moreira C, Pritchard-Jones K, Ramirez O, Renner L, Robison LL, Shalkow J, Sung L, Yeoh A, Rodriguez-Galindo C.
Lancet Oncol
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Trends in burden and risk factors associated with childhood stunting in Rwanda from 2000 to 2015: policy and program implications.
Authors: Authors: Binagwaho A, Rukundo A, Powers S, Donahoe KB, Agbonyitor M, Ngabo F, Karema C, Scott KW, Smith Fawzi MC.
BMC Public Health
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Affordable human papillomavirus screening needed to eradicate cervical cancer for all.
Authors: Authors: Krivacsy S, Bayingana A, Binagwaho A.
Lancet Glob Health
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Eliminating Deaths From Cervical Cancer-Report of a Panel at the 7th Annual Symposium on Global Cancer Research, a Satellite Meeting at the Consortium of Universities for Global Health 10th Annual Meeting.
Authors: Authors: Binagwaho A, Garcia PJ, Gueye B, Dykens JA, Simelela N, Torode J, Goba G, Bosland MC.
J Glob Oncol
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