Harvard Medical School Students

Office of Scholarly Engagement: All Harvard Medical School students are expected to complete a scholarly project. Direction is available through the Office of Scholarly Engagement. Many Global Health and Social Medicine faculty members offer mentored research opportunities that meet the scholarly project requirement. Students may also design their own projects and seek a mentor who is knowledgeable on the topic.

See examples of global health and social medicine projects on our Scholars in Medicine page. For more information about global health projects, please email Jennifer Kasper at jkasper1@bwh.harvard.edu . Dr. Kasper is chair of the Harvard Medical School Office of Scholarly Engagement Faculty Advisory Committee on Global Health.

Medical and Pre-med Students and Others

Volunteer and internship opportunities relevant to global health and social medicine are available at:


The following postdoctoral training positions in global health and social medicine are organized outside of the HMS Department of Global Health and Social Medicine. See the links for background and application information:

Health Care Practitioners

Global Health Delivery Blog: This site contains a global health delivery blog as well as other resources to support practitioners dedicated to improving the delivery of value-based health care globally. Among its features, the site offers free access to global health case studies and to online communities.