The Dr. Mario Pagenel Fellowship in Global Mental Health Delivery

The fellowship consists of three core components: global mental health service delivery, training and capacity building, and research. Fellows work to build the capacity of their host site through the mobilization, training, and professional development of in-country health care providers. In parallel, fellows have the opportunity to translate lived experiences into mentored research and educational projects with experts in the HMS Department of Global Health and Social Medicine. Eleven fellows to date have published twenty-nine papers in global mental health delivery based on field work at Partners In Health sites. Learn more about the Dr. Mario Pagenel Fellowship in Global Mental Health Delivery.

Strengthening Mental Health Service Delivery, Infrastructure and Research Capacity at Partners In Health Sites

Significant burden of illness and lack of access to mental health services are evident at Partners In Health global sites, where people living with untreated mental disorders suffer from significant stigma, medical co-morbidity, and vulnerability to the effects of poverty. However, the work at Partners In Health sites has innovated community- and facility-based solutions to the global mental health treatment gap, and offers an essential platform for research and learning on best practices in global mental health delivery. Over the past decade these global sites have delivered care to hundreds of thousands of people across more than one hundred facilities, demonstrating the feasibility of community-based programs linked to the strengthening of primary care systems that provide safe, evidence-based, culturally-adapted care in challenging and complex environments.

Development of Mental Health Education at the University of Global Health Equity (Rwanda) and Center for Global Health (Peru)

Collaborations include development of training programs in Psychiatry and mental health care delivery, informed by social medicine. Through the development of new clinical clerkships, residency programs, masters programs in public and global mental health, executive education programs and other training experiences, which integrate a Social Medicine approach, students and trainees learn to build trans-disciplinary careers best suited to addressing complex medical and social problems.