• Course List

    Stories for Health explores the neurobiological and psychological basis of storytelling. Faculty: Jonathan Adler and Annie Brewster

    Stories for Social Change looks at how medical stories can be translated into dramatic television episodes to educate and influence viewers. This module will also show how a range of storytelling techniques can be used to promote public health. Faculty: Neal Baer

    Telling Evidence-Based Stories Through Solutions Journalism Faculty: Tina Rosenberg

    Telling Patient Stories Faculty: Lisa Sanders

    Developing an Effective Communication Strategy explores tactics to break through the noise in a crowded media environment once you have developed a health-related story. Faculty: Jay Winsten

    Can Data Science Save the Environment? Faculty: Francesca Dominici

    Visual Storytelling in Science and Medicine Faculty: Gaël McGill

    The Power of the Essay examines how personal essays can open up important discussions of health-related problems. How do we tell our (and our patients’) private stories publicly? How can cases be transformed into compelling stories? Faculty: Suzanne Koven

    The Last Anointing Faculty: Ryan Christopher Jones

    Scales to Scalpels Faculty: Lisa Wong

    Visual Storytelling: Introduction to Graphic Medicine Faculty: Grace Farris

    Op-Ed Writing Faculty: Jeffrey Seglin

    The Power of Voice: Storytelling and Communication through Podcasting Faculty: Emily Silverman

    Writing and Pitch Op-eds in the time of Coronavirus and Beyond Faculty: Patrick Skerrett

    Science Misinformation and Bad Actors Faculty: Brian Friedberg and Irene Pasquetto

    The Play's the Thing Faculty: Ricardo Perez Gonzalez

    Storytelling to Improve the Lives of People with Historically no Access to Quality Medial Care Faculty: Linda Villarosa

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