Harvard Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Sociology 162. Medical Sociology

Seth Donal Hannah and Mary-Jo DelVecchio Good (Medical School)
Explores current topics in medical sociology organized around the theme of global and local environments of risk and trust in medicine and health care. Examines how medical education, knowledge, practice, research, technology, and health policies are culturally shaped and institutionally organized. Analyzes the culture and political economy of American medicine through comparative and global perspectives, utilizing country specific illustrations and global health examples.

Sociology 165. Inequalities in Health Care

Mary Ruggie (Kennedy School)
Asks why certain social groups are at greater risk for more severe health problems (eg., infant mortality, HIV/AIDS, cancer) and yet receive unequal health care in the US. Examines selected health disparities around the world and what best practices foster adequate delivery of healthcare services, mutual respect between patient and provider, and healthy living.