• Is there an online option for the MMH program?

    The master’s program is a residential program; students complete their coursework at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA. If online delivery is essential to your learning experience, we encourage you to learn more about our Media and Medicine Certificate Program.

  • I am interested in storytelling to make an impact, but I do not have storytelling experience, such as a degree or publications. Is this program right for me?

    Absolutely. You do not need experience or a publication or a production history to be successful with our program. Graduates of this program will acquire skills in the storytelling modality of their choice, take courses on storytelling and visual narratives, have the opportunity for elective coursework, and work closely with a mentor on their capstone project. Mentors will provide technical information, identify equipment/resources if necessary, and help the student clearly define, write, and revise their narrative. The faculty directors will also work closely with the students to support them as they develop these skills.

  • Do I need a clinical degree or work in the health professions to apply?

    No. This program is also for people in health communications and public relations; health journalists, writers, and editors; bioethicists; patient advocates and health educators; people in health administration; people who work for foundations and NGOs; and others who have a stake in communicating the experience of illness and health inequities to a broad audience.  

  • Do you require the GRE?

    No. We do not require standardized tests for this program. There is no place to upload the GRE, MCAT, or similar tests on our application.

  • Is an English proficiency test required?

    A language proficiency test is required for applicants for whom English was not the medium of instruction for their undergraduate or graduate degree. Harvard Medical School's master’s programs accept TOEFL iBT, TOEFL Essentials, IELTS Academic and Duolingo English Test. Please see our minimum test score requirements and instructions to submit official test scores below. Learn more about standardized test score requirements on our Admissions page.

  • Does the MMH program offer a part-time option?

    The minimum time to degree for a full-time student is one academic year. A part-time alternative is possible with students expected to complete the degree in two years. The part-time option is only available for US citizens. All international students must attend full-time and complete the program in one year.

  • What is the cost of the MMH program?

    A budget/Cost of Attendance for the program is available on the HMS Masters Cost of Attendance page. Please note that the information is based on the current academic year. New information for budget and Cost of Attendance is update by the end of March for the next academic year.

  • Are there scholarships or other sources of funding available?

    Below are some ideas you may consider as you seek funding:

    • The HMS Financial Aid office offers loan options for U.S. citizens and international students and information on other funding sources. 
    • The Fulbright Program offers to fund students from abroad seeking to pursue a master's degree in the U.S.
  • Where do students live in Boston?

    Please check out the HMS Medical Education website where you will find links to a variety of housing options.

  • May I work during the program?

    The MS-MMH is an intensive program requiring a significant time commitment. It is technically an "80% time" program, so students who are eligible to work in the US may choose to work during the program. However, the MS-MMH program cannot assist students in finding employment, nor make any special allowances for students who choose to work while completing the program.