Research undertaken in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine is done with the aim of “clinical relevance,” that is, to affect medical treatment practices and health care policies at local and global levels.

Cultural Studies of Biomedicine

Social science research on the culture and political economy of the profession of medicine and health care

Global Health Delivery

Addressing the significant global health “delivery gap” that, despite unprecedented new financial resources and medical advances, prevents care from consistently reaching patients who need it

History of Medicine

A program strongly committed to teaching and research that places the development of medical knowledge and practice into broad social and cultural contexts

Infectious Disease

Research related to treatment approaches and outcomes and epidemiology of HIV/AIDS and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDRTB)

Rwanda Human Resources for Health Program

A collaboration between the Rwanda Ministry of Health and a consortium of American hospitals in which medical professionals teach in Rwanda to build capacity in medicine there

Medical Anthropology

The study of illness and medical systems cross-culturally

Mental Health

Research, training and advocacy programs for advancing mental health on the global health agenda

Medical Ethics

Building greater awareness and understanding of the critical moral, ethical and social dimensions of medicine