Over the past decade, PGPP’s work has addressed a wide range of issues at the inextricable nexus of health, security, and equity, including military doctrine and health system protection; inequities in humanitarian aid and pandemic response; public health system reform; human resources for health; bioterrorism; global health security; climate change and health; and health, cyber warfare, and weaponized disinformation. Despite this wide range of topics, we approach each issue the same way: by first asking “What we can learn from the patients and practitioners who are most vulnerable or most affected by the issue?”  Guided by these patient and provider voices, we then explore and delineate the policy challenges, system breakdowns, and structural forces at play. We move forward by putting practitioners and patients in conversation with decision-makers and policy thinkers to generate alternative approaches and policy options that can mitigate or ameliorate the identified inequities or vulnerabilities.  We then assess the resulting impacts of changed policy or system reform, creating a feedback loop between practice and policy.