The Program in Global Health Economics and Social Change aims to provide scientific evidence on the aforementioned research areas by engaging students, faculty, policy makers, and health professionals from diverse disciplines and backgrounds. Specific Program objectives are to integrate research, training, and service to the global health community to achieve the following:

  • Establish a platform to convene a core team of scientists comprising broad research expertise to conduct research that addresses global health delivery.
  • Develop a research agenda that implements innovative and multidisciplinary approaches to the following areas:
    1. evaluation of the impact of global health aid on health systems and population health, assessment of the role of community-based financing approach in achieving universal health coverage in resource-poor settings,
    2. measurement of the prevalence of young children exposed to risk factors of poor early development and its economic burden,
    3. measurement of economic impact of mental disorders and mental health care financing in developing countries, and
    4. assessment of the link between preventing and treating diseases and reducing poverty at both the macro and micro level in resource-poor settings.
  • Provide training opportunities in global health economics for students and trainees both from Harvard and the broader global health community.
  • Promote intellectual exchange and mentoring through seminars, workshops, and journal clubs.
  • Develop highly competitive grant proposals for submission to agencies, and raise funds to implement the research agenda.