• More details on standardized tests

    Standardized test scores are not required for admission with one exception: to ensure an applicant has the necessary English language skills for success in the program, applicants must demonstrate proficiency in English.

    A language proficiency test is required for applicants for whom English was not the medium of instruction for their undergraduate or graduate degree. Harvard Medical School's master’s programs accept TOEFL iBT, TOEFL Essentials, IELTS Academic, and Duolingo English Test. Please see our minimum test score requirements and instructions to submit official test scores below. 

    Minimum Test Score Requirements:

    • TOEFL iBT: 103
    • TOEFL Essentials: 11
    • IELTS Academic: 7.5
    • Duolingo English Test: 130

    Submitting Official Test Scores:

    TOEFL iBT and TOEFL Essentials:
    Code 3151: Harvard Medical School Graduate Education Master’s Programs.

    IELTS Academic:
    Contact the test center where you took the IELTS test to request that your scores be sent via E-Delivery to:  

    Account Name: Harvard Medical School Graduate Education Master's Programs  

    Address: Graduate Education Master's Programs
    25 Shattuck Street
    Boston, MA 02115
    United States 

    Duolingo English Test:
    Search for “Harvard Medical School” and select the appropriate program.