Welcome to COVID Academy!

COVID Academy connects a wide array of experts from public health, medicine, tech, security, economics, law, sociology, education and global affairs with policymakers and public health practitioners to tackle the most difficult implementation challenges in COVID Response.

COVID Academy runs two forums:

  • Presentations and workshops on COVID response implication challenges tailored for specific policy and practitioner audiences, like members of the National Governor’s Association. The public portions of these sessions and accompanying summaries are posted below.
  • Facilitated Problem Solving Sessions: policymakers and public health practitioners bring questions/problems regarding COVID response to discuss with a working group of multi-disciplinary, multi-sector experts and implementers.

To get in touch with COVID Academy, contact Annmarie Sasdi, Director of Partnerships and Policy at annmarie_sasdi@hms.harvard.edu


Cluster Investigations & Strategic Vaccination (May 2021)
Cluster Investigation & Tactical Vaccination Presentation featuring Dr. KJ Seung and Dr. Shefali Oza
Summary memo: Cluster Investigation: A Key Capability for Strategic Vaccination
Session slides

Strategies to Reopen Schools (March 2021)
Reopening Schools Presentation featuring Mayor Curtatone, President Tony Monaco, Vice Provost Caroline Attardo Genco, and Prof. Joseph Allen.
Summary memo: Reopening Schools: A Primer for State and Local Leaders

Organizing, Budgeting & Implementing Supported Quarantine & Isolation (March 2021)
Supported Quarantine & Isolation Presentation featuring Dr. Linda Bilmes, Dr. Syra Mada, Dr. Jennie Wei, Dr. Mia Lozado, Dr. Amanda Johnson & Jessica Kaushal
Summary memo: Organizing, Budgeting, and Implementing Wraparound Services for People in Quarantine and Isolation
Estimating the Costs and Benefits of Supported Quarantine and Isolation in Massachusetts: The Missing Link in COVID-19 Response by Margaret Bourdeaux, Jessica Kaushal, and Linda Bilmes

Retrospective Contact Tracing (November, 2020)
Retrospective Contact Tracing Presentation featuring Dr. KJ Seung, Dr. Hitoshi Oshitani, and Prof Zeynep Tufecki
Summary memo: Retrospective Contact Tracing: A Primer for State and Territorial Health Authorities