Photo of Claudi Bockting

Claudi Bockting, PhD

Visiting Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine

Claudi Bockting, PhD, is a visiting professor of Global Health and Social Medicine at the Mental Health for all lab, Harvard Medical School and a professor of Clinical Psychology in Psychiatry at Amsterdam University Medical Centers and a (co)director of the interdisciplinary Centre for Urban Mental Health of the University of Amsterdam. She also works as a clinician (clinical psychologist) at the Psychiatry Department.

Her research program focuses on improving mental health outcomes (such as depression and anxiety), mostly interdisciplinary, including psychological interventions and co-creation with the community. She studies potentially modifiable factors of onset, maintenance, recurrence, and chronicity of common mental health conditions. As a former fellow at the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) at the UvA she studied the use of complexity models to explore new targets for prevention, treatment, and relapse prevention of mental disorders. Additionally, as a former fellow at the World Health Organization (WHO), she studied the possibilities of using technology and the community to increase the accessibility of effective psychological interventions worldwide.

Her research program specifically focuses on the following issues: 1) Understanding etiological and maintenance factors in depression and related common mental health disorders using a complex systems approach. 2) Developing innovative multimodal psychological interventions (e.g. target social connection combined with technological devices, but also community interventions) and evaluating the effect in RCT’s and micro RCT’s (using ecological momentary assessment and affective networks). 3) Increasing accessibility of effective psychological interventions in low- and middle income countries using technology and/or non-specialists.

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