Sue Ellen Levkoff
Sue Ellen Levkoff, ScD
Lecturer on Global Health and Social Medicine

Dr. Levkoff holds an endowed chair at the SeniorSMART Center of Economic Excellence in the College of Social Work at the University of South Carolina.


Professor of Social Work
Hamilton College - University of South Carolina, Columbia

Comparing behavioral health models for reducing risky drinking among older male veterans.
Authors: Authors: Wooten NR, Tavakoli AS, Al-Barwani MB, Thomas NA, Chakraborty H, Scheyett AM, Kaminski KM, Woods AC, Levkoff SE.
Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse
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Evaluating Community-Academic Partnerships of the South Carolina Healthy Brain Research Network.
Authors: Authors: Soltani SN, Kannaley K, Tang W, Gibson A, Olscamp K, Friedman DB, Khan S, Houston J, Wilcox S, Levkoff SE, Hunter RH.
Health Promot Pract
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Concern about developing Alzheimer's disease or dementia and intention to be screened: An analysis of national survey data.
Authors: Authors: Tang W, Kannaley K, Friedman DB, Edwards VJ, Wilcox S, Levkoff SE, Hunter RH, Irmiter C, Belza B.
Arch Gerontol Geriatr
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Improving the postpartum care of women with a recent history of preeclampsia: a focus group study.
Authors: Authors: Skurnik G, Roche AT, Stuart JJ, Rich-Edwards J, Tsigas E, Levkoff SE, Seely EW.
Hypertens Pregnancy
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Use of electronic personal health records (PHRs) for complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) disclosure: Implications for integrative health care.
Authors: Authors: Yeo Y, Park J, Roh S, Levkoff S.
Complement Ther Med
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Employing a Multi-level Approach to Recruit a Representative Sample of Women with Recent Gestational Diabetes Mellitus into a Randomized Lifestyle Intervention Trial.
Authors: Authors: Nicklas JM, Skurnik G, Zera CA, Reforma LG, Levkoff SE, Seely EW.
Matern Child Health J
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Community Case Study Article Type: Criteria for Submission and Peer Review.
Authors: Authors: Smith ML, Levkoff SE, Ory MG.
Front Public Health
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Systematic Review of Palliative Care in the Rural Setting.
Authors: Authors: Bakitas MA, Elk R, Astin M, Ceronsky L, Clifford KN, Dionne-Odom JN, Emanuel LL, Fink RM, Kvale E, Levkoff S, Ritchie C, Smith T.
Cancer Control
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Identifying postpartum intervention approaches to reduce cardiometabolic risk among American Indian women with prior gestational diabetes, Oklahoma, 2012-2013.
Authors: Authors: Jones EJ, Peercy M, Woods JC, Parker SP, Jackson T, Mata SA, McCage S, Levkoff SE, Nicklas JM, Seely EW.
Prev Chronic Dis
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Family Caregiver's Perception of Alzheimer's disease and caregiving in Chinese culture.
Authors: Authors: Dai B, Mao Z, Wu B, Mei YJ, Levkoff S, Wang H.
Soc Work Public Health
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