Rorty publishes on ambivalence, education, and other topics

Amelie Rorty, a lecturer in the Department, has had several items on philosophical topics published in recent months. "A Plea for Ambivalence" attempts to characterize appropriate ambivalence and to defend it against the pressure for "bottom line, wholehearted" thinking, in Oxford Handbook in the Philosophy of Emotions, ed. Peter Goldie (Oxford, 2009 ). "Educating the Practical Imagination" attempts to characterize the role and strategies of imaginative thinking within practical reasoning in Oxford Handbook of the Philosophy of Education, ed. Harvey Siegel (Oxford, 2009). "On Being Rational" argues that creating the conditions of mutual trust is an essential part of being rational, inRatio (2009). "Questioning Moral Theories" argues that distinctive moral theories are compatible, and that they provide heuristic questions in decision making contexts, inPhilosophy (2010). And "User-Friendly Self-Deception" defends the merits of self-deception, in Oxford Handbook on Deception, ed. Clancy Martin (Oxford, 2009).