Aug 2020

  • Disparities in United States hospitalizations for serious infections in patients with and without opioid use disorder: A nationwide observational study.

    PLoS medicine
    08 07, 2020 17 (8) e1003247
    Vol. 17, Issue 8, Medline Page e1003247

    Authors: Kim JH, Fine DR, Li L, Kimmel SD, Ngo LH, Suzuki J, Price CN, Ronan MV, Herzig SJ


    Our findings suggest that among hospitalizations for some serious infections, those involving patients with OUD were associated with longer LOS, higher odds of discharge to post-acute care facilities or patient-directed discharge, and similar total hospital charges, despite lower daily charges. These findings highlight opportunities to improve care for patients with OUD hospitalized with serious infections, and to reduce the growing associated costs.

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  • Brain Death-Moving Beyond Consistency in the Diagnostic Criteria.


    Aug 03, 2020

    Brain Death-Moving Beyond Consistency in the Diagnostic Criteria.

    Authors: Truog RD, Krishnamurthy K, Tasker RC


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  • Distinct thalamocortical network dynamics are associated with the pathophysiology of chronic low back pain.

    Nature communications

    Aug 07, 2020 11 (1) 3948

    Vol. 11, Issue 1, Medline Page 3948

    Authors: Tu Y, Fu Z, Mao C, Falahpour M, Gollub RL, Park J, Wilson G, Napadow V, Gerber J, Chan ST, Edwards RR, Kaptchuk TJ, Liu T, Calhoun V, Rosen B, Kong J


    Thalamocortical dysrhythmia is a key pathology of chronic neuropathic pain, but few studies have investigated thalamocortical networks in chronic low back pain (cLBP) given its non-specific etiology and complexity. Using fMRI, we propose an analytical pipeline to identify abnormal thalamocortical network dynamics in cLBP patients and validate the findings in two independent cohorts. We first identify two reoccurring dynamic connectivity states and their associations with chronic and temporary pain. Further analyses show that cLBP patients have abnormal connectivity between the ventral lateral/posterolateral nucleus (VL/VPL) and postcentral gyrus (PoCG) and between the dorsal/ventral medial nucleus and insula in the less frequent connectivity state, and temporary pain exacerbation alters connectivity between the VL/VPL and PoCG and the default mode network in the more frequent connectivity state. These results extend current findings on thalamocortical dysfunction and dysrhythmia in chronic pain and demonstrate that cLBP pathophysiology and clinical pain intensity are associated with distinct thalamocortical network dynamics.

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Jul 2020

Apr 2020

  • The Psychological Toll of Health Care Rationing Should Not Be Underestimated | Opinion

    Newsweek. Opinion
    04 06, 2020  

    Author: Sadath A. Sayeed

    The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly and radically disrupted any sense of normality in all aspects of medical practice in the United States. Rationing life-saving care is not something American doctors are accustomed to consciously consider in our daily working lives, let alone ever communicate to patients or their families. At most, we are taught a little about it, typically in school, as a part of a formal course in medical ethics.

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