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Alasdair Simon Donald, PhD, MD, MB, BS

Lecturer on Global Health and Social Medicine

Alasdair Simon Donald, PhD, MD, MB, BS isa psychiatrist trained at Harvard Medical School through the Cambridge program. He is a psychoanalyst who graduated from the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute. In private practice, he provides Freudian/Kleinian psychoanalyst but also works with acute inpatient psychiatry. 

Alasdair promotes retaining Psychoanalytic ideas inside modern American rapid-turnover psychiatry. He is currently but almost interminably writing papers on concepts of risk and violence in psychiatry, and envisions working more on gender presentation and politics in the psychiatric clinic. His interests include psychiatric anthropology, cross-cultural psychiatry, and the epistemology of anthropological knowledge and its relationship to psychoanalytic theories of the mind and psychology. 

Harvard Medical School
Global Health and Social Medicine
641 Huntington Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02115

The Wal-Marting of American psychiatry: an ethnography of psychiatric practice in the late 20th century
Authors: Authors: Donald A
Cult Med Psychiatry
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