Image of Andrea Winkler

Andrea Winkler, MD, DrMed, PhD, DrMedHabil

Visiting Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine

Andrea S. Winkler, MD, DrMed, PhD, DrMedHabil, is a specialist neurologist, the Co-(joint)-Director of the Center for Global Health at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, and the Founding Director of the Centre for Global Health at the University of Oslo, where she holds a full professorship in Global One Health. Her special interest lies with global neurology, poverty-related diseases of the infectious (neglected tropical diseases) as well as non-infectious nature (e.g. epilepsy), zoonotic diseases (especially those that affect the central nervous system e.g. neurocysticercosis) with the ensuing One Health concept (for communicable and non-communicable diseases), global digital health and translation of evidence into policy in Global Health. Prof. Winkler chairs The Lancet One Health Commission (together with Dr. John Amuasi, KCCR, Ghana) and together with colleagues she recently founded two research coalitions: The COVID-19 One Health Research Coalition and The Global COVID-19 Neuro Research Coalition, both calls being published in The Lancet and in The Lancet
Neurology, respectively. She has worked with and lived in sub-Saharan Africa for over 20 years.

As a Visiting Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine, Andrea works with Kee Park and the World Health Organization on implementing the Intersectoral Global Action Plan (IGAP) for Epilepsy and Other Neurological Conditions. They focus their work in diverse and challenging settings while adhering to One Health principles, which recognize the interdependencies of human, animal, and environmental health. Andrea is on campus from May till September and will return intermittently throughout the following year. Bethany Hedt-Gauthier is co-hosting Andrea's visit.