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Gaurab Basu, MD, MPH
Affiliate, Department of Global Health & Social Medicine Harvard Medical School
Co-Director, Center for Health Equity Education & AdvocacyCambridge Health Alliance

Cambridge Health Alliance
236 Highland Street
Somerville, MA 02143

Lessons from a social medicine and advocacy curriculum.
Authors: Authors: Basu G, Dryden EM, Pels RJ, Stark RL, Jain P, Bor DH, Sullivan AM, McCormick D.
Med Educ
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Coverage and Access for Americans With Chronic Disease Under the Affordable Care Act: A Quasi-Experimental Study.
Authors: Authors: Torres H, Poorman E, Tadepalli U, Schoettler C, Fung CH, Mushero N, Campbell L, Basu G, McCormick D.
Ann Intern Med
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Training Internal Medicine Residents in Social Medicine and Research-Based Health Advocacy: A Novel, In-Depth Curriculum.
Authors: Authors: Basu G, Pels RJ, Stark RL, Jain P, Bor DH, McCormick D.
Acad Med
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Clinicians' Obligations to Use Qualified Medical Interpreters When Caring for Patients with Limited English Proficiency.
Authors: Authors: Basu G, Costa VP, Jain P.
AMA J Ethics
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Facility-Based Delivery during the Ebola Virus Disease Epidemic in Rural Liberia: Analysis from a Cross-Sectional, Population-Based Household Survey.
Authors: Authors: Ly J, Sathananthan V, Griffiths T, Kanjee Z, Kenny A, Gordon N, Basu G, Battistoli D, Dorr L, Lorenzen B, Thomson DR, Waters A, Moore UG, Roberts R, Smith WL, Siedner MJ, Kraemer JD.
PLoS Med
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Remoteness and maternal and child health service utilization in rural Liberia: A population-based survey.
Authors: Authors: Kenny A, Basu G, Ballard M, Griffiths T, Kentoffio K, Niyonzima JB, Sechler GA, Selinsky S, Panjabi RR, Siedner MJ, Kraemer JD.
J Glob Health
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Reducing clinical errors in cancer education: interpreter training.
Authors: Authors: Gany FM, Gonzalez CJ, Basu G, Hasan A, Mukherjee D, Datta M, Changrani J.
J Cancer Educ
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Surgery Clerkship Evaluations Are Insufficient for Clinical Skills Appraisal: The Value of a Medical Student Surgical Objective Structured Clinical Examination.
Authors: Authors: Butler KL, Hirsh DA, Petrusa ER, Yeh DD, Stearns D, Sloane DE, Linder JA, Basu G, Thompson LA, de Moya MA.
J Surg Educ
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