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Hannah Gilbert, PhD

Lecturer on Global Health and Social Medicine, Part-time, Harvard Medical School

Hannah Gilbert, PhD, is a medical anthropologist and lecturer in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School. She teaches in the Master of Medical Sciences in Global Health Delivery program, co-directing courses on qualitative research methods for global health research, and mixed methods in global health delivery research. She is also the program’s advisor for qualitative research.

Dr. Gilbert conducts qualitative and ethnographic research on the social aspects of HIV treatment and research in sub-Saharan Africa. She is currently a member of Dr. Norma Ware’s research team, focusing on (1) social factors that shape uptake of male medical circumcision, (2) patient perspectives on decentralized care in West Africa, and (3) real-life implementation of prevention effective adherence.

Sustainability Assessment of a District-Wide Quality Improvement on Newborn Care Program in Rural Rwanda: A Mixed-Method Study.
Authors: Authors: Nahimana E, Magge H, Bizimana F, Nyishime M, Lively CT, Gilbert H, Gauthier BH, Sayinzoga F, Nkikabahizi F, Hirschhorn LR.
Ann Glob Health
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Assessing burden, risk factors, and perceived impact of uterine fibroids on women's lives in rural Haiti: implications for advancing a health equity agenda, a mixed methods study.
Authors: Authors: Millien C, Manzi A, Katz AM, Gilbert H, Smith Fawzi MC, Farmer PE, Mukherjee J.
Int J Equity Health
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Literacy is power: structural drivers of child malnutrition in rural Liberia.
Authors: Authors: Kumeh OW, Fallah MP, Desai IK, Gilbert HN, Silverstein JB, Beste S, Beste J, Mukherjee JS, Richardson ET.
BMJ Nutr Prev Health
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Barriers and facilitators influencing facility-based childbirth in rural Haiti: a mixed method study with a convergent design.
Authors: Authors: Raymondville M, Rodriguez CA, Richterman A, Jerome G, Katz A, Gilbert H, Anderson G, Joseph JP, Franke MF, Ivers LC.
BMJ Glob Health
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PrEP Discontinuation and Prevention-Effective Adherence: Experiences of PrEP Users in Ugandan HIV Serodiscordant Couples.
Authors: Authors: Gilbert HN, Wyatt MA, Pisarski EE, Muwonge TR, Heffron R, Katabira ET, Celum CL, Baeten JM, Haberer JE, Ware NC.
J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr
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Messaging Circumstances and Economic Pressures as Influences on Linkage to Medical Male Circumcision following Community-Based HIV Testing for Men in Rural Southwest Uganda: A Qualitative Study.
Authors: Authors: Gilbert HN, Wyatt MA, Asiimwe S, Turyamureeba B, Tumwesigye E, Van Rooyen H, Barnabas RV, Celum CL, Ware NC.
AIDS Res Treat
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Patient Experiences of Decentralized HIV Treatment and Care in Plateau State, North Central Nigeria: A Qualitative Study.
Authors: Authors: Kolawole GO, Gilbert HN, Dadem NY, Genberg BL, Agaba PA, Okonkwo P, Agbaji OO, Ware NC.
AIDS Res Treat
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Re-visioning local biologies: HIV-2 and the pattern of differential valuation in biomedical research.
Authors: Authors: Gilbert H.
Med Anthropol
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