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Hongtu Chen, PhD

Assistant Professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychiatry and Department of Global Health and Social Medicine Affiliate

Hongtu Chen has spent more than two decades researching elderly care and improving health care systems for Alzheimer's disease, depression and other chronic conditions. His research focuses on the design and implementation of various behavioral health interventions. He has served as program director for major research projects at the National Institutes of Health and other federal government agencies. He is a Fulbright Scholar. He was the Executive Editor of the journal, Ageing International, and he is Co-Director of Harvard Social Technology for Global Aging Research Initiative. His work focuses on the development and evaluation of elderly care resources to lead and improve the quality of elderly living and care as well as the optimal use of social and cultural resources for elder care in PRC and other Asian countries.

Editorial: Technological innovations to address social isolation and loneliness in older adults.
Authors: Authors: Chen H, Levkoff SE, Kort H, McCollum QA, Ory MG.
Front Public Health
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Lessons Learned in Implementing an Aging Research Training Program for Underrepresented Minority Students.
Authors: Authors: Levkoff S, McCollum Q, Armstrong AR, Wilson BL, McRell AS, Cavanagh N, Spencer M, Webber K, Bright C, Chen H, Singh N, Miller M, Farkas C, Liles K, Bagasra O, Ariyo O.
Int J Aging Hum Dev
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Dementia Neuropsychiatric Symptom Frequency, Severity, and Correlates in Community-Dwelling Thai Older Adults.
Authors: Authors: Hinton L, Wang K, Levkoff S, Chuengsatiansup K, Sihapark S, Krisanaprakornkit T, Intasuwan P, Satthapisit S, Gallagher-Thompson D, Chen H.
Am J Geriatr Psychiatry
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Studies on the Digital Inclusion Among Older Adults and the Quality of Life-A Nanjing Example in China.
Authors: Authors: Yang H, Chen H, Pan T, Lin Y, Zhang Y, Chen H.
Front Public Health
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Cultural Adaptation of the Reducing Disability in Alzheimer's Disease (RDAD) Protocol for an Intervention to Reduce Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia in Thailand.
Authors: Authors: Tongsiri S, Levkoff S, Gallagher-Thompson D, Teri L, Hinton L, Wisetpholchai B, Chuengsatiansup K, Sihapark S, Fritz S, Chen H.
J Alzheimers Dis
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Implementation Science in Thailand: Design and Methods of a Geriatric Mental Health Cluster-Randomized Trial.
Authors: Authors: Chen H, Levkoff S, Chuengsatiansup K, Sihapark S, Hinton L, Gallagher-Thompson D, Tongsiri S, Wisetpholchai B, Fritz S, Lamont A, Domlyn A, Wandersman A, Marques AH.
Psychiatr Serv
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Identifying challenges and recommendations for advancing global mental health implementation research: A key informant study of the National Institute of Mental Health Scale-Up Hubs.
Authors: Authors: Naslund JA, Kalha J, Restivo JL, Amarreh I, Callands T, Chen H, Gomez-Restrepo C, Hamoda HM, Kapoor A, Levkoff S, Masiye J, Oquendo MA, Patel V, Petersen I, Sensoy Bahar O, Shields-Zeeman L, Ssewamala FM, Tugnawat D, Uribe-Restrepo JM, Vijayakumar L, Wagenaar BH, Wainberg ML, Wissow L, Wurie HR, Zimba C, Pathare S.
Asian J Psychiatr
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Social Technology: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Improving Care for Older Adults.
Authors: Authors: Kleinman A, Chen H, Levkoff SE, Forsyth A, Bloom DE, Yip W, Khanna T, Walsh CJ, Perry D, Seely EW, Kleinman AS, Zhang Y, Wang Y, Jing J, Pan T, An N, Bai Z, Wang J, Liu Q, Habbal F.
Front Public Health
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Long-term care system for older adults in China: policy landscape, challenges, and future prospects.
Authors: Authors: Feng Z, Glinskaya E, Chen H, Gong S, Qiu Y, Xu J, Yip W.
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The NIMH global mental health research community and COVID-19.
Authors: Authors: Rahman A, Naslund JA, Betancourt TS, Black CJ, Bhan A, Byansi W, Chen H, Gaynes BN, Restrepo CG, Gouveia L, Hamdani SU, Marsch LA, Petersen I, Bahar OS, Shields-Zeeman L, Ssewamala F, Wainberg ML.
Lancet Psychiatry
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