Image of John Naslund
John Naslund, PhD
Instructor in Global Health and Social Medicine

Dr. Naslund has expertise in research methodology, implementation science, social disparities research, and digital mental health. His work seeks to address early mortality that disproportionately impacts individuals living with serious mental illnesses worldwide, and to reduce the global treatment gap for mental disorders using novel digital methods. Dr. Naslund has led numerous projects that leverage mobile technologies, social media networks, and online big data to develop, evaluate, and implement digital interventions aimed at treating and preventing mental disorders. Dr. Naslund has contributed to projects funded by the NIH and CDC to develop and implement programs for vulnerable patient groups in the United States, Haiti, Colombia, and most recently in India.

He has over 60 peer-reviewed publications, including 24 as first author, and work featured in theLancet Psychiatry, the New England Journal of Medicine, the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, and Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences. Importantly, Dr. Naslund has built partnerships by working alongside individuals living with serious mental illness and community mental health providers and has a longstanding track record advocating for the rights, dignity, and quality of healthcare for those facing the challenges of mental illness. His goal is to ensure that persons living with mental disorders can access the treatment and opportunities for a fulfilling and quality life they deserve.