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Kim A Wilson, M.D.

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and a Department of Global Health and Social Medicine Affiliate

Kim Wilson, MD, MPH, is an affiliate of the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine and tutor in the HMS I course, Introduction to Social Medicine and Global Health. She is associate director of the Global Pediatrics Program, Boston Children's Hospital, and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. Her work has focused on improving health care for under-served populations domestically and internationally. In Boston, Dr. Wilson has combined clinical care to under-served families with implementation of programs to improve health for children with chronic illness. Her international work grew from her clinical pediatric practice in Boston working with transnational families from the Dominican Republic. Internationally, Dr. Wilson led a maternal and neonatal training and quality improvement program at hospital facilities in the Dominican Republic. Dr. Wilson teaches at Harvard Medical School and School of Public Health with a focus on global maternal child health and social determinants of disease. In addition, she developed and directs the Global Pediatric Fellows Program at Boston Children’s Hospital, with pediatric fellows working in Haiti and Rwanda.

Program in Global Medical Education and Social Change

Dr. Wilson's  current research applies the technology of mHealth to quality improvement, using cell phone-based protocols as decision aids to improve newborn health care in Tanzania.

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