Michael M. J. Fischer

Michael M. J. Fischer, PhD

Lecturer on Global Health and Social Medicine

Michael Fischer is Andrew W. Mellon professor in the humanities and professor of anthropology and science and technology studies at MIT and lecturer on global health and social medicine at HMS. He trained in geography and philosophy at Johns Hopkins, social anthropology and philosophy at the London School of Economics, anthropology at the University of Chicago. Before joining the MIT faculty, he served as director of the Center for Cultural Studies at Rice. He conducts fieldwork in the Caribbean, Middle East, South and Southeast Asia on the anthropology of biosciences, media circuits, and emergent forms of life.

(1) Anthropological methods for the contemporary world with specially attention to the interface between science and technology and anthropology. Co-editor, book series Experimental Futures: Technological Lives, Scientific Arts, Anthropological Voices.

(2) The anthropology of the biomedical sciences and technologies: the Genome Institute of Singapore and the Human Geonome Organization (HUGO) on social and ethical issues associated with genomics and with capacity building in the Asia-Pacific region.

(3) The anthropology of media circuits, with foci of regional attention on the Middle East, South and Southeast Asia.