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Rifat Atun, MD, BS
Professor of Global Health Systems and a Department of Global Health and Social Medicine Affiliate
Incidence and prevalence of type 1 diabetes and diabetic ketoacidosis in children and adolescents (0-19 years) in Thailand (2015-2020): A nationwide population-based study.
Authors: Authors: Rittiphairoj T, Owais M, Ward ZJ, Reddy CL, Yeh JM, Atun R.
Lancet Reg Health West Pac
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Digital Education for Health Professionals: An Evidence Map, Conceptual Framework, and Research Agenda.
Authors: Authors: Tudor Car L, Poon S, Kyaw BM, Cook DA, Ward V, Atun R, Majeed A, Johnston J, van der Kleij RMJJ, Molokhia M, V Wangenheim F, Lupton M, Chavannes N, Ajuebor O, Prober CG, Car J.
J Med Internet Res
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Use of statins for the prevention of cardiovascular disease in 41 low-income and middle-income countries: a cross-sectional study of nationally representative, individual-level data.
Authors: Authors: Marcus ME, Manne-Goehler J, Theilmann M, Farzadfar F, Moghaddam SS, Keykhaei M, Hajebi A, Tschida S, Lemp JM, Aryal KK, Dunn M, Houehanou C, Bahendeka S, Rohloff P, Atun R, Bärnighausen TW, Geldsetzer P, Ramirez-Zea M, Chopra V, Heisler M, Davies JI, Huffman MD, Vollmer S, Flood D.
Lancet Glob Health
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Strengthening Health Systems To Face Pandemics: Subnational Policy Responses To COVID-19 In Latin America.
Authors: Authors: Knaul FM, Touchton MM, Arreola-Ornelas H, Calderon-Anyosa R, Otero-Bahamón S, Hummel C, Pérez-Cruz P, Porteny T, Patino F, Atun R, Garcia PJ, Insua J, Mendez O, Undurraga E, Boulding C, Nelson-Nuñez J, Velasco Guachalla VX, Sanchez-Talanquer M.
Health Aff (Millwood)
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The true global disease burden of mental illness: still elusive.
Authors: Authors: Vigo D, Jones L, Atun R, Thornicroft G.
Lancet Psychiatry
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Global estimates of paediatric tuberculosis incidence in 2013-19: a mathematical modelling analysis.
Authors: Authors: Yerramsetti S, Cohen T, Atun R, Menzies NA.
Lancet Glob Health
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Grass-roots entrepreneurship complements traditional top-down innovation in lung and breast cancer.
Authors: Authors: Ramadi KB, Mehta R, He D, Chao S, Chu Z, Atun R, Nguyen FT.
NPJ Digit Med
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The Prevalence of Islet Autoantibodies in Children and Adolescents With Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus: A Global Scoping Review.
Authors: Authors: Ross C, Ward ZJ, Gomber A, Owais M, Yeh JM, Reddy CL, Atun R.
Front Endocrinol (Lausanne)
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Punt Politics as Failure of Health System Stewardship: Evidence from the COVID-19 Pandemic Response in Brazil and Mexico.
Authors: Authors: Knaul FM, Touchton M, Arreola-Ornelas H, Atun R, Anyosa RJC, Frenk J, Martínez-Valle A, McDonald T, Porteny T, Sánchez-Talanquer M, Victora C.
Lancet Reg Health Am
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Increasing Access to Imaging for Addressing the Global Cancer Epidemic.
Authors: Authors: Hricak H, Ward ZJ, Atun R, Abdel-Wahab M, Muellner A, Scott AM.
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