Department Newsletter - October 2012

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Mary-Jo Good Receives Silver Magnolia Award The Foreign Affairs Office of the Shanghai Municipal Government selected Mary-Jo DelVecchio Good as a recipient of the Silver Magnolia Award for her "valuable support to Shanghai's development and outstanding contributions to our friendly cooperation." Alumni of our Fogarty Center-sponsored training program--now leading psychiatrists at the Shanghai Mental Health Center-nominated Mary0Jo for this award and for her contributions to educating young Chinese leaders and researchers in the field of mental health and for supporting young women to become leaders in the field of mental health. Mary-Jo and Byron Good were proposed for the award by the Shanghai Mental Health Center for "their dedication to mental health services in Shanghai, in China, policy advice, and capacity building of public mental health leaders." At the September 14 ceremony, Mary-Jo and the other 57 awardees, including only three other women, received the Silver Magnolia Award. Congratulations Mary-Jo!

Giuseppe Raviola named PopTech 2012 Science Fellow

PopTech recently announced that Giuseppe Raviola, MD, Instructor in Psychiatry and in Global Health and Social Medicine, is a 2012 Science Fellow. The Fellowship is a leadership development opportunity designed to help high potential working scientists become more effective communicators, collaborators, and leaders both within and beyond the traditional bounds of academia. Through these annual fellowships, conferences, and labs, PopTech seeks to complement the existing "silos of excellence" and encourage collaboration among them to foster creative development of new ideas. Dr. Raviola was selected for his efforts to integrate mental health services into global health care efforts. Congratulations Bepi!


Lisa Hirschhorn named to the Harvard Medical School Academy

Lisa Hirschhorn, MD, MPH has been selected as a member of the HMS Academy for 2012-2014. The Academy advances the education of physicians and scientists throughout the HMS community. To read more about the Academy and to view the list of other members, please visit their webpage. Congratulations Lisa!


GHSM Faculty Contribute Special Articles to mark the NEJM 200th Anniversary

The New England Journal of Medicine is celebrating its 200th anniversary with the publication of special articles this year. Global Health and Social Medicine faculty members have contributed six of the 20 special articles published to date. Authors include: Allan Brandt, Paul Farmer, Jeremy Greene, David Jones, Salmaan Keshavjee, Scott Podolsky, and Bob Truog. Following are links to the special anniversary page article and to the individual articles:

New England Journal of Medicine Special Anniversary Articles

  1. A Reader's Guide to 200 Years of the New England Journal of Medicine: by Allan M. Brandt
  2. Patients and Doctors-The Evolution of a Relationship: by Robert D. Truog
  3. Therapeutic Evolution and the Challenge of Relational Medicine: by Jeremy A. Greene, David, S. Jones, and Scott Podolsky
  4. The Evolving Roles of the Medical Journal: by Scott Podolsky, Jeremy A. Greens, and David S. Jones
  5. The Burden of Disease and the Changing Task of Medicine: David S. Jones, Scott H. Podolsky, and Jeremy A. Greene
  6. Tuberculosis, Drug Resistance an the History of Modern Medicine: Salmaan Keshavjee and Paul E. Farmer


Congratulations to Joe Rhatigan, MD on his promotion to Associate Chief, Division of Global Health Equity
Also, the following people have been promoted to Associate Professor in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine...
Nir Eyal, DPhil
Salmaan Keshavjee, MD, PhD, ScM
Lisa Lehmann, MD, PhD, MSc
Scott Podolsky, MD

Congratulations to all!



Delivering Cancer Care in Settings of Extreme Poverty

Paul Farmer, MD, PhD will deliver the Inaugural Seminar of the Global Oncology Initiative on Thursday, November 1, 2012, 5:00-6:30 pm in the Jimmy Fund Auditorium, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, 35 Binney Street, Boston, MA.



Welcome to the following visiting faculty

Yanling He - Professor of Psychiatry, Shanghai Second Medical University; Psychiatrist-in-Chief and Director of the Department of Psychiatric Epidemiology, Shanghai Mental Health Center; Director, Department of Training and Education, Shanghai CDC for Mental Health
Nikola Biller-Andorno - Professor of Biomedical Ethics and founding director of the Institute of Biomedical Ethics, University of Zurich, Switzerland
César Abadía - Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology and Doctorate in Public Health Program, Universidad Nacional de Colombia


David S. Jones, MD, PhD and colleagues have recently published the following:
  • Jones, D.S. “Olympic Medicine.” New England Journal of Medicine 367 (26 July 2012): 289-292. [Click here to read]
  • Jones, D.S. “How Much CABG Is Good for Us?” Lancet 380 (11 August 2012): 557-558. [Click here to read]

Mary C. Smith Fawzi, SCD, Agnes Binagwaho, MD, and colleagues have had their recent publication "Scaling up early infant diagnosis of HIV in Rwanda, 2008-2010" accepted by the Journal of Public Health Policy.