Good Gives the Marett Lecture

Prof Byron Good delivered the 2010 Robert Ranulph Marett Memorial Lectureship at Exeter College, Oxford, on Friday April 30. Prof. Marett was Professor of Anthropology at Oxford, a student of the history of religion, and Rector of Exeter College from 1928-1943. The Lectureship established in his memory has been delivered at Oxford annually since 1947. Leading anthropologists -- e.g., E. E. Evans-Pritchard, Raymond Firth, Kathleen Kenyon, Max Gluckman, Meyer-Fortes, Ernest Gellner, Fredrick Barth, Sherry Ortner -- and philosophers -- e.g., WVO Quine, Bernard Williams -- as well as historians of religion have previously presented the Lecture. 

Prof. Good's lecture was entitled, "Theorizing the 'Subject' of Medical and Psychiatric Anthropology." He discussed current issues in the study of 'the subject' and 'subjectivity' in medical and psychiatric anthropology, drawing on his research in Java and Aceh, and reflecting on changes in the field from 1980, when he delivered the Lewis Henry Morgan Lectures, until the present.

About 200 people attended the lecture, which was warmly received.