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Meredith Brooks
Research Fellow in Global Health and Social Medicine

Meredith (Milstein) Brooks is a postdoctoral research fellow focusing on tuberculosis (TB) epidemiology under Dr. Mercedes Becerra. She obtained her PhD in Population Health in 2017 and previously an MPH from Northeastern University. Her research interests include identifying effective implementation strategies to detect exposed individuals at high-risk of developing TB disease and to reduce this risk through rapid uptake of preventive therapy.

Isabel Fulcher
Research Fellow in Global Health and Social Medicine

Isabel Fulcher is currently completing her postdoctoral training under Drs. Bethany Hedt-Gauthier and Eric Tchetgen Tchetgen. Her research involves developing statistical methods that can identify underlying causal mechanisms of potential interventions in settings where this proves particularly challenging, such as in the presence of unmeasured confounding in observational studies and spillover effects on a network.

Wenzhen He
Research Fellow in Global Health and Social Medicine (EXT)

Dr. He is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School and an Assistant Professor at Department of Anthropology, Shandong University in China. She received her bachelor degree of Management in Business Administration at Shanghai University, an MA in Anthropology at Renmin University of China and her Ph.D. in Anthropology at Tsinghua University based on her fieldwork in Fiji.

Stephanie Law
Research Fellow in Global Health and Social Medicine

Stephanie Law, Ph.D., is an epidemiologist currently completing her postdoctoral training under Dr. Carole Mitnick. Her research involves using qualitative and quantitative methods to explore the sociocultural aspects of tuberculosis care, with a particular focus on the role of trust between tuberculosis patients and their health care providers over the course of treatment.

Visiting Post-Doctoral Fellow in Global Health and Social Medicine
Annelies Mesman
Research Fellow in Global Health and Social Medicine

Dr. Mesman was trained in infectious disease immunology in Amsterdam where she first obtained an MSc in bio-medical sciences, specializing in infectious diseases and international public health and received a PhD degree for research on host-pathogen interactions in 2014. Previously, she was a postdoc at the Dutch Institute for Public Health and the Environment and worked in Sierra Leone as laboratory manager for Partners in Health 2015-2017. Her main research interest is infectious disease diagnostics.

John Naslund
Research Fellow in Global Health and Social Medicine

Dr. Naslund has expertise in research methodology, implementation science, social disparities research, and digital mental health. His work seeks to address early mortality that disproportionately impacts individuals living with serious mental illnesses worldwide, and to reduce the global treatment gap for mental disorders using novel digital methods. Dr.

Brittney van de Water
Research Fellow in Global Health and Social Medicine

Brittney (Sullivan) van de Water has a PhD in nursing from Duke University and a BS and MS in nursing from Boston College. She is a pediatric nurse practitioner and global health delivery researcher. Her research focuses on improving treatment guidelines and outcomes for pediatric drug-resistant tuberculosis. Specifically, she is working with Dr. Mercedes Becerra on improving treatment and care for children exposed to tuberculosis at home in South Africa, Peru, and globally.


Research Fellow in Social Medicine

Dr. Wahl is a medical anthropologist who is studying the control of endemic hepatitis B among the Kandosi and Sharpra of the Northern Peruvian Amazon. She is preparing a manuscript on this subject.