The Program in Global Public Policy and Social Change undertakes two interrelated lines of work aimed at policy advancement: collaborative research, and multi-sectoral leadership convening through “policy challenge workshops.” These work streams comprise a powerful feedback loop between practice and policy formulation that is unique in the field of global health.

Collaborative Research
Enhancing the role of academic medicine to inform global health and health policy through evidence-based advocacy and by spearheading research with multidisciplinary teams; publishing in a wide array of journals and press to reached currently siloed audiences; and convening stakeholders to inform the framing of the research itself.

Cross-Sector Policy Advancement Task Forces
Connecting global health practitioners with policy makers and thinkers from multiple sectors and disciplines to address the most compelling global health and health security policy challenges of our time. In 2020-2021, we will introduce and facilitate four Policy Challenge Task Forces, each tackling a high level policy question relevant to the current state of health security, as informed by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The task force model is meant to foster a sense of shared purpose across stakeholders and build cross sector communities of policy practice. The deliverables of each task force are designed to influence policy discussions in multiple domains going forward and “grow the table” of stakeholders considering a particular and challenging policy issue. Selecting, overseeing and administering the four task forces concomitantly allows the Program in Global Public Policy and Social Change to align ideas and identify common challenges and opportunities across task forces, facilitating their work and magnifying their impact.