Molly Forrest Franke
Molly Forrest Franke, SD
Associate Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine

Dr. Franke applies robust epidemiologic methods to intractable conditions disproportionately affecting poor people in diverse settings around the world. Her research spans infectious diseases (tuberculosis [TB], HIV, cholera) and chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension, depression) and focuses on the identification of effective care delivery strategies for patients with these conditions.

Research Interests

  • Community-based accompaniment interventions
  • Pediatric tuberculosis
  • Interventions to improve outcomes for adolescents living with HIV
  • Cholera prevention and transmission elimination
  • Application of causal inference methods to observational data

Current Projects

  • Alternative specimen types for pediatric tuberculosis diagnosis
  • Diagnostic and treatment delays in pediatric tuberculosis
  • Effectiveness and safety of bedaquiline and delamanid among patients with multidrug-resistant TB (endTB project)
  • Targeted elimination of cholera transmission in rural Haiti
  • Adolescent-friendly rap videos to improve health literacy among HIV-positive youth in urban Peru

Dr. Franke earned a BA degree in sociology and Spanish from Colby College. She then went to work as a research analyst for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health Epidemiology & Immunization Surveillance Program and as a research assistant with Partners In Health in Lima, Peru. While pursuing her doctoral degree in epidemiology at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, she conducted field research at Partners In Health sites in Peru and Rwanda. She joined the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine in 2010. In addition to pursuing independent research, Dr. Franke is a member of the Global Health Research Core. In this role, she serves as lead epidemiologist and analyst for multiple research projects of the Global Health Delivery Partnership, including projects based in Haiti, Papua New Guinea, and Mexico.

Where there's a will, there's a way: advancing integrated care for mental health, substance use and tuberculosis disease.
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Community-Based Accompaniment with Supervised Antiretrovirals for HIV-Positive Adults in Peru: A Cluster-Randomized Trial.
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